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The Vision

A happy and healthy Islamic community that adheres to the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah, within the understanding and Fiqh of the companions, and positively integrating within the American society.  A community that actively plays a positive role in the growth of the country and maintains strong ties with its religion based on giving, forgiving, and building mutual respect.

The Mission

Helping individuals, families and youths to worship Allah correctly following the footsteps of our beloved prophet (peace be upon him), and to apply his rulings in our lives activities and spread his authentic teachings.

To provide Islamic Knowledge, legal, moderate, and realistic answers to all the religious, social, and financial questions that are raised by the community.  Offering solutions via family and youth consultations and successfully resolving their problems.  Also, I will work with the youth and help them with positive interaction, dialog, teaching, training, workshops, and meetings.

The Goals:

1-  Helping the community to understand and embrace the correct Aqeeda (Creed), and to observe their daily and       weekly prayers, and to apply good ethics and manners.

2-  To spread the correct Islamic Knowledge based on the Quran and the Sunnah, through talks, classes,workshops      etc…

3-   To Help raise children and youth on our religions teachings through relevant programs and activities.

4-  To provide opportunities for Islamic social life, where families and children meet and spend good and beneficial       times.

5-   To Provide legal, disciplined, moderate, & realistic Fatawa.

6-   To answer religious, social, & financial questions.

7-   To provide family consultations with the goal of resolving issues before they result in any further family damages.

8-   To hold meetings & discussions with youth and allow them to bring up their concerns and issues.

9-   To conduct meetings, conferences, & workshops to serve the community and to set it upon the right path.

10- To prevent the deprivation of the youth, including educating about and protecting them from smoking, drugs, and       moral corruption.

11- To revive the positive spirit and initiatives to perform good deeds.

12- To implement cooperation & team spirit.

13- Training to save time & to be organized.

14- To help build morality and good behavior.

15- Spreading the feelings of love, tolerance, & cooperation to do good deeds.

16- To strengthen the productive relationships with neighbors.

17- To work towards correcting the image of Islam amongst non-Muslims and remove the suspicions that some may hold       about Muslims.

18- To help willing brothers and sisters to be students of knowledge and Dawah.