Ramadhan Schedule

Summary of PIC Ramadhan Activities starting Sunday night (Shaban 30, 1440 H) May 5, 2019

Friday (Jumu’ah), Isha and Taraweeh Prayers’ location is St. Andrew’s Episcopal Church

6509 Sydenstricker Rd, Burke, VA 22015

Ramadhan Iftar is intended to be held Friday, Saturday and Sunday at PIC main location NOT at the church

No food and/or liquids for donation will be allowed inside/outside on the church grounds

Brother Yaser is expected to lead ALL PIC prayers, including Ishaa’ and Taraweeh Prayers. The intent is to complete the recitation of approximately  (17-20 Ajzaa’ of the Qur’an) during the month of Ramadhan

Please check your email and/or PIC website for Athan times during Ramadan

Friday Prayer (Jumu’ah) Khutbah continues to start at 1:00 pm

Ishaa’ Prayer Iqaamah is (10 minutes after Athan).

Nightly Taraweeh prayer (8 Raka’aat) then (2 Raka’aat Shafa’a) then (1 Raka’a Witr)  are scheduled immediately after Isha prayer

Khatirah (5-10 minutes) after the 1st (4 Raka’aat) of Taraweeh prayer is intended for Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights.

Please come with your Wudhu to avoid inconveniences and congestion in the restrooms

Please park in the back-parking lot (Except for special needs. ALL vehicles will be directed to park in the rear parking lot)

Due to construction activities at the church, parents are strongly encouraged to accompany children who are 7 years of age and older to avoid being hurt. Children 7 years old and above will NOT be permitted outside the church prayer hall/parish and MUST be escorted by a parent while at the church.

PIC community brothers, wearing orange vests, will be available to assist and answer questions 


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